We pride ourselves on having excellent and very professional groomers.

Our philosophy for grooming your pet is to choose a style and length for your pet that you can comfortably maintain.

This will ensure that your pet stays mat free. Once this is chosen, we recommend having your pet groomed every 6-8 weeks. There are a few exceptions to this recommendation. If your pet’s coat is longer than an inch or is in a pattern cut, we recommend a grooming schedule of every 4-6 weeks. Remember our goal is to keep your pet’s coat healthy and mat free. This contributes to their overall positive wellbeing.

In addition to the scheduled grooming there is maintenance that needs to be done between grooms. For instance toe nails need to be trimmed on a monthly basis. Trimming the nails frequently will ensure the vein inside the nail does not grow out too long. Once the vein has grown out we can only cut the nail back to where the vein starts. Ear cleaning also needs to be done on a monthly basis this helps prevent ear infections. Keeping your pet’s coat brushed and combed out in between grooms goes a long way to maintaining a healthy coat.