Preventative care is the best kind of care.

Vaccinating your pet against contagious diseases and viruses is the most effective way to maintain your pet’s well being and quality of life.

We develop an individual program for your pet at your first visit with us and we fully explain the vaccinations needed and why. As with humans, vaccinations are developed for some of the worst diseases affecting our pets. Many of the vaccinations are given in a series to help build up the appropriate immunity for your pet. Your pet will not be immune from the disease or virus until the whole series of vaccinations is complete. If the breeder gave you any information concerning vaccinations already given to your new pet, be sure to bring these in to your first visit with us.

Due to the commitment of owners to preventative medical care for their pets, we are seeing an average pet’s quality of life and for many their lifespan, continuing to improve due to increased protection from disease.