Routine preventive dental care and cleaning will not only help keep your pet healthy, it will also help keep his breath fresh.

Dentistry is an area that is extremely exciting to us because studies clearly show that pets’ lives are extended by 10%-20% if they receive the appropriate dental care throughout their lives.

Mendakota Animal Hospital uses a variety of up-to-date equipment to maintain your pets’ health, including in-house digital dental radiographs and an ultrasonic dental scaler for all dental cleaning patients. In addition to standard dental procedures/cleaning, we also offer various forms of oral surgery and gum disease treatments.

Routine and consistent oral healthcare significantly reduces the risk of oral infections that are linked to heart, kidney, and liver problems.

We recommend regular teeth brushing at home and professional teeth cleaning with us at least once a year for all pets. Some pets with a predisposition to dental disease may require even more frequent teeth cleanings. We offer a discount on these services in February and September.

We take pleasure in answering your questions and keeping you informed about how you can promote excellent oral health for your pets. We recognize that you are the key promoter of their dental health!