Older and Senior Pets

We wish our pets could live forever young, and we don’t want to see them grow older.

Old age in a pet is influenced by their size and their breed. Small dogs for instance often don’t begin to age as quickly as larger dogs.

When your pet reaches an approximate age of 8 years, we believe it is time to pay closer attention to changes that may occur in behavior, physical ability and overall well-being. Many changes are gradual and difficult to detect by observation.

We are committed to providing you with the information that will help maintain or improve the quality of life of your pet as they age. We ensure that the responsibility for detecting what is going on with your pet is not placed entirely on the owner’s observations but on standard diagnostic tools that can be used to detect disease in the early stages.

There are four basic wellness assessments we believe that are crucial to your older pet’s longevity, quality of life and comfort.
Six month check-ups
Yearly blood Panel, urinalysis and radiographs
Dental check
Feeding assessment and recommendations

We recognize that our pets our unable to express where their aches and pains are and can’t ask for changes in their routine etc.

At Mendakota we will help you decipher what your pet’s needs are and we will give you the information you need to make this stage of your pet’s life successful.