Training and Behavior

It is exciting to have a new puppy or kitten, they have clearly stolen our hearts and we are very committed to them.

Unfortunately despite our commitment, too many pets are euthanized at a young age due to behavior problems.

We at Mendakota Animal Hospital will work with you to help you fully understand your new pet’s care requirements and natural behaviors. We will identify for you the different stages of your pet’s development and help you seize the opportunity to shape them appropriately in terms of their behavior and socialization at the appropriate stage. Our goal is to help your pet be a wonderful companion to you for the next 10 to 15 years.

We will teach you how to handle and socialize your pet at your very first visit with us. We have a vested interest too, we are your pet’s health care advocate and providers. Visits to the vet are much easier when your pet will tolerate us checking their ears and handling their feet and providing the various treatments they need over the years quietly and without fear.